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Volume 4

Year: 2009
Title: Geology, geophysics and tectonics of Northeastern Russia: a tribute to Leonid Parfenov
Editors: D. B. Stone, K. Fujita, P. W. Layer, E. L. Miller, A. V. Prokopiev, J. Toro

Volume 3

Year: 2002
Title: Neotectonics and surface processes: the Pannonian Basin and Alpine/Carpathian System
Editors: S. A. P. L. Cloetingh, F. Horváth, G. Bada, A. C. Lankreijer

Volume 2

Year: 2002
Title: From continental extension to collision: Africa-Europe interaction, the Dead Sea and analogue natural laboratories
Editors: S. A. P. L. Cloetingh, Z. Ben-Avraham

Volume 1

Year: 2002
Title: Continental collision and the tectono-sedimentary evolution of forelands
Editors: G. Bertotti, K. Schulmann, S. A. P. L. Cloetingh

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